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Upland Bird Hunting

Experience what upland bird hunters have come to enjoy at TMT Hunting Preserve for more than 50 years. We pay close attention to the hunting grounds. Our preserve offers a rich blend of natural and cultivated cover. Our pheasants/chukar partridges are the largest, hardest flying, most beautifully-feathered game birds you’ve ever hunted. TMT Hunting Preserve offers wingshooters hundreds of acres of extensively-managed land. Each 100 acre hunting area provides sportsmen with a safe, natural and challenging environment in which to hunt. Your adventure afield will be complete when you go home with your bagged birds, cleaned expressly for you. TMT offers upland bird hunting September through March and mallard duck hunting September through November.

Every time we come out we flush more birds than are put out. The birds all jump in the air and fly right away and are a ton of fun. Watching my son break his first clay ever at your place was special. We will remember that day at TMT for the rest of our life. My father, myself and my son are looking forward to many more hunts at TMT. Thanks, Tom!  — Doug Baum

Half Day Hunts

  • Add more birds to any hunt for more action!
  • Payment in cash or check.
  • No license required, hunters must wear orange when afield.
  • Safety first!
  • No bag limit on any hunt.
  • No extra charge for birds bagged above those released.
  • Gratuities not included.

Contact us for more information or to make your reservation today.

Walk-Up Pheasant & Chukar Hunts

September – March: Morning hunt: 9 am – 12 pm or Afternoon hunt 1 pm – 4 pm

Open for reservations: Wednesday – Monday; closed to the public Tuesdays. (Members Only – Tuesday)

  • One to four hunters unguided with own dog
    • 5 pheasants OR  6 chukar per person
    • $225 per person

Guided Pheasant / Chukar Hunts  – $75.00 additional per hunting party

October – March

  • Two to four hunters
    • 5 pheasants OR  6 chukar per person
    • $225 per person
    • Guide and dog – $75.00 additional per hunting party
  • The hunt starts with this minimum release of 5 pheasants OR 6 chukar each — add more birds for more action— if you want! Call for pricing.

Chukar in the Woods

December – March: An awesome 1/2 day hunt, styled after grouse hunting in natural cover, but with a lot more action.

  • Chukar in the Woods
    • 24 chukar
    • $825
    • 1 – 4 hunters
    • Guide and dog available for $75.00 additional
    • Extra chukar available, call for prices

Bird Processing

We send you home with your freshly harvested, cleaned game birds.

  • $3.00 per pheasant or chukar filleted
  • $4.00 per pheasant or chukar filleted with leg/thigh
  • $5.00 per pheasant or chukar skinned